Sustained Investigation

AP 3-D Design 2020-2021

If humans and mythical creatures existed in the same world, how would we [humans] treat them?

Daisy Meadows’ Rainbow Fairies, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson, Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments… I have always been enthralled with fictional, fanatical, and magical lands. So, while signing up for AP Art, I knew from the get go that my concentration would involve mythical creatures or magic of some kind. Bouncing between multiple ideas, I landed on my final sustained investigation question: If humans and mythical creatures existed in the same world, how would we [humans] treat them? However, this is posed as a rhetorical question, because I answer that through my pieces. And the answer is… badly.

The reason I believe humans would abuse the mythical powers and beings is due to our treatment of other humans and the brushes of “magic” we have experienced. In the late 1600s, in colonial Massachusetts, the Salem witch trials tore through the land. Women accused of witchcraft were hung, simply out of human fear of alternate “power”. I wager that when faced with a race “different” from our own, humans would take advantage. The past centuries were defined by colonization, and capturing the natives from each area to work for the colonizers. Why wouldn’t mythical creatures experience the same fate?

I chose to depict each piece with how each creature would be exploited. In my piece, “Silver Servant”, I created a silver jewelry box cage to ensnare a goblin. Faced with greed for precious metals and jewels, the goblin fell trap to the rich human’s metal bait. Now, he is trapped for eternity, working to create his master custom jewels; a slave to what he onced desired most. As for my sculpture, “Loch Ness’ted in Waste”, I wanted to depict a magical creature in a setting a common animal would experience. Pollution has ravaged habitats and killed ecosystems. Mythical creatures would be subjected to the same environmental abuse that human’s push on the environment.

Material wise, I wanted to create sculptures solely out of found or “human” objects. The water bottle from “Genie in a Bottle” was a bottle I received with a meal. The jewelry box base was actually an old metal Whitman’s chocolate box. By using objects from around the human environment, I hope to show that the difference between humans and magic is miniscule. However, any difference is enough for the human race to take control over another.

SI #1: Gnome Home (Left)

Idea- Gnomes are protectors; these gnomes are forced to protect evil people. They are chained and abused.

Materials- Wood supplies, paint, polymer clay, sand, found objects.

Size- H- 6.5 in W- 4.5 in D- 5 in

SI #2: "Loch Ness"ted in Waste (Below)

Idea- Like real animals, the Loch Ness Monster faces pollution from human waste and consumption.

Materials- PVC pipe, wood, trash/found objects, paint, hot glue, clay

Size- H- 7 in W- 27 in D- 5.5 in

SI #3: Genie in a (Smart) Bottle

Idea- Trapped by a few wish-hungry humans, the genie is kept in a plastic bottle, not a gold lamp.

Materials- Plastic bottle, polymer clay, tulle, paint, gems.

Size- H- 10 in W- 5.5 in D- 5.5 in

SI #4: Silver Servant

Idea- A goblin was tricked with fancy jewelry, then forced to work as a servant for life.

Materials- Found objects, foam board, puff paint, paint, clay, popsicle sticks.

Size- H- 9 in W- 6.5 in D- 6 in

SI #5: Salem Witch Trials

Idea- Women in colonial MA were accused of witchcraft. They were charged for death and hanged.

Materials- Wire, tree branch, newspaper, paper.

Size- H- 15 in W- 11 in D- 7 in

Idea- Witches were also thought to have been burned on a stake. These hanged witches burned.

Materials- Witches were also thought to have been burned on a stake. These hanged witches burned.

Size- H- 15 in W- 11 in D- 7 in

SI #6: The Final Burning (info to left)

SI #7: Mermaids in the Wild

Idea- These mermaids are happy, away from humans, and in the wild… for now.

Materials- Polymer clay, paint, DMC floss, gems.

Size- H- 2 in W- 4 in D- 1 in

SI #8: The Aquarium

Idea- The SI #7 girls are trapped in a resin fishbowl, with a layer of water to show they aren’t “captive”.

Materials- Polymer clay, paint, DMC floss, gems, jar, resin, wire.

Size- H- 3.5 in W- 2.5 in D- 2.5 in

SI #9: Dragon Airlines

Idea- A dragon’s innate ability to fly is used for commercial airline gain.

Materials- Polymer clay, wood, paint.

Size- H- 4 in W- 6 in D- 2.5 in

SI #10: Ghost Town

Idea- The fairies lived in beautiful homes, but they’re evicted with boarded windows… Where are the fairies?

Materials- Popsicle sticks, paint, gems.

Size- H- 7 in W- 5 in D- .25 in

SI #11: A Gaudy Display

Idea- A unicorn’s valued pieces (horn and hoof) were taken to make a gaudy piece of art.

Materials- Hot glue, paper mache, paint, decorative paper, wire.

Size- H- 9.5 in W- 6 D- 2.5 in

SI #12: That's Just Fate

Idea- The fates created a last tapestry before the humans grabbed their shared eyes and fate string… help!

Materials- Aida cloth, DMC floss, polymer clay, wood stick, paint.

Size- H- 7 in W- 6 in D- .25 in

SI #13: Not All That It’s “Cracked” Up To Be

Idea- Being the tooth fairy isn’t all glamor and fun, it’s the grueling, gross work of being a dentist too

Materials- Wood, teeth, polymer clay, decorative paper, wire, found objects.

Size- H- 4in W- 6 in D- 3.5 in

SI #14: Faeus nonaglacies

Idea- This is what happened to the fairies in SI#10. Similar to entomology insect boards.

Materials- Decorative paper, frame, wire, beads, hot glue, glitter, watercolor/wc paper, pins

Size- H- 8.5 in W- 8.5 in D- 1.5 in

SI #15: Victorian Vampire Physician

Idea- No one wants the vampire doctor because the prejudice that she’ll hurt patients instead of helping them.

Materials- Pipe cleaner, chain, polymer clay, gems, paint, wire, paper, poster board, beads

Size- H- 16 in W- 9 in D- 1.5 in