Hey y’all… Welcome to Art With Evie!

My name is Evie Mulhern; it’s nice to meet you. A little about me…

☺ I am attending Davidson College, starting Fall 2021.

☺ Some of my hobbies include: rowing, reading, outdoor games, and band.

☺ Since 2018, I've worked at In Stitches Needlework in Virginia. We sell the supplies for both cross stitch and needlepoint, as well as providing the services for finishing and framing pieces.

☺ As an artist, I prefer to do abstract pieces versus realistic paintings and drawings. In the past few years, I've discovered a love for digital art, which I style with bright colors and fun, cartoony patterns.

☺ I am a self published illustrator and work in collaboration with my bff Sophie to make children's books. Our first publication is about a young girl named Livia in Ancient Rome.